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Sefton Park is teeming with wildlife. The park, with it's large fields, wooded areas, lakes and ponds acts as a haven for wildlife. This page details some, but by no means all, of the wildlife that can be found in the park.

The best way to see the most wildlife is to walk around the park early in the morning, before the numbers of people force the shyer creatures into hiding.


Above: Morehens can be found in the waterways all year round.

Canada Geese.

The streams, ponds and lake in Sefton Park are home to a wide variety of water birds. Graceful Swans swim alongside flocks of Canada Geese in the main lake. While around the numerous islands and in the smaller ponds found throughout the park, several varieties of Ducks can be found as well as Moorhens and Coots. A Heron, a pair of Crested Grebe's and an occassional Cormerent have also been seen in the park.

Other birds that have made their home in the park include, the House Martin which can be seen swooping over the main lake and the surrounding embankments hunting for insects, numerious song birds, such as Robins, Sparrows, Black Birds, Blue Tits and Finches, as well as larger birds such as Magpies, Crows, Jays, Wood Pidgeons and Woodpeckers.

The Grey Squirral has also found the park to be an ideal home and can often be seen around the wooded areas, while the Water Vole, often confused with the Rat, can be seen scurrying around the banks of the streams.

Popular with local fisherman, the lake also contains a variety of fish as well as an abundance of Terrapins that can often be found basking in the morning sun.

More pictures of the wildlife in the park can be seen on the Pictures page.


Above: Some of the variety of birds that can be found in the water ways, from Ducks (top left ), Canada Geese(top middle), Swans (top right).


Above: Early summer provides an opportunity to see ducklings, while the Terrapins enjoy the summer sun.

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